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ERISA Health, Life & Disability
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ERISA Benefit Law

Our attorney, Richard Carter, has represented insurers, fiduciaries, employers, and employees in protecting their rights under group benefit plans, including health, pension, and disability benefits. He now concentrates on Plaintiff’s cases. Our extensive ERISA litigation experience began in 1990 when he represented several young women with Breast cancer in a series of experimental treatment cases that received national attention. Since then our practice has evolved into a broad-based ERISA and non-ERISA benefits concentration.

Rich has widely published and lectured on up-to-the-minute developments in the complex area of ERISA litigation. Our cases have been on several “most important cases of the year” lists by respected commentators and are taught in Law Schools. Our in-depth knowledge of ERISA has also been utilized to represent clients facing the non-payment of pension benefits and breach of fiduciary duty issues.

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Disability Issues

Our attorney is well-versed in Disability insurance issues arising from a denial or cessation of benefits. We are particularly well-versed in the necessary ERISA procedures to protect the administrative record and the required obligations of disclosure. Our attorney has successfully represented clients on disability and access matters under the ADA.

Pension Issues

Pension benefit claims have increasingly become part of the cases being brought in the courts. Whether the issue is one of proper calculation of benefits or the more severe allegations of breach of fiduciary duty our attorney is well-suited to an effective and efficient resolution of these claims.

Health Benefits Issues

Our firm has handled reimbursement and COBRA issues around the country on behalf of employers, insurers, providers, and patients. Perhaps no other firm in the country has as much experience representing the interests of our clients on claims involving experimental or medical necessity exclusions.