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Commercial Litigation / Insurance Coverage Law

Businesses and individuals often find themselves in legal disputes over matters that they would not have anticipated would lead to litigation. With the rapid changes in technology and ongoing refinement of the law, insurers are called upon to defend and cover never contemplated risks. As litigation has become more common and disputes more complex, our attorney has successfully represented hundreds of clients with insurance coverage disputes including corporations, insurers, reinsurers, and individual policyholders.

Whether through negotiation, litigation, or some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, our attorney has saved millions of dollars for clients and has solved problems efficiently in Commercial General Liability, Directors and Officers, Errors and Omissions, and Property insurance claims. Our attorney, Richard Carter, is well-versed in all aspects of insurance practice and litigation.

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Insurance Recovery

We have a well-deserved national reputation for our work in recovering insurance coverage for our clients. Our attorney has recovered millions of dollars in wrongfully denied Insurance coverage for Businesses and Individuals. Whether we are representing a large corporation whose insurer refuses to honor its coverage commitment or an individual who has had their life, health, or homeowners insurance denied our attorney can bring efficient and effective action to protect our client’s rights.

Administrative Appeals

Routine appeals of insurance benefit denials are rarely routine. The information submitted and arguments made to an insurance company at this stage is often more important than arguments made after a lawsuit is filed, and an effective and thorough administrative appeal to the insurer can often save thousands of dollars in legal expenses. Rich Carter has provided hundreds of clients with legal assistance, including preparing appeal letters and reviewing and interpreting policy language.

Declaratory Judgment Actions

We have handled disputes for clients in state and federal courts throughout the D.C. Metropolitan region, Virginia, Maryland, and nationally. They are incredibly experienced in resolving time-sensitive matters of coverage where litigation has been threatened or has already begun. Our attorneys prepare their litigation strategy when the lawsuit begins, with the plan to resolve coverage matters on dispositive motions without the need for trial.

Preliminary Injunctions

Unfortunately, some clients find themselves unable to wait for a ruling at trial or on a dispositive motion and need an immediate adjudication of their rights. Our attorney can prepare motions for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions so that clients' rights are protected in a timely manner.